Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Need Wedding Ideas?

You and your fiance are wondering, "What should we do for our wedding day?"  You don't want another dull wedding in a lame grassy hill, or in a crusty old church.  All of these ways of getting eloped is old hat!  And you can't have that!  Want some fireworks?  Lightsabers?  The feeling that the force is in the air?  Perhaps Frodo Baggins to pop out of a wedding cake?

Then these solutions may be just for you.

Star Wars

This certainly is a popular pick for Trekkies and astronomy enthusiasts alike!  Ready to show your romance taken to places far, far away?  Let the force be your guide as you select which celestial flowers are to adorn your beautiful Leia hair curls!  Slice your wedding cake with a Jedi-built lightsaber, then for a keepsake immortalize the lightsaber crystals in your wedding ring.  And for the hubby, be sure to buy an authentic wedding band made of meteorite metals (google it!).  There's no end to love with Star Wars - and that's a fact!

Lord of the Rings

If that perhaps doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe you could take a more nature-oriented route as you search for romance in the shady woodlands of the Shire!  Nothing screams "I'm in love" more than a knife fight between Gandalf and an Orc!  Be sure to tell your guests to bring their own weapons.


So maybe you've been dating this Asian cool girl for a while, and you're thinking about getting married!  Well, you can't quite give up the midnight Tetris marathons or the guys-night-out tourneys of Halo.  So do you give one up over the other!  H no!  Compromise!  Nintendo weddings offer the finest of decor and sensation as the beautiful joining of man and wife happen.  As you can see from this picture, this Tetris cake really just elates ecstatic emotion into the room!  Tears drizzle as the cake is cut, and the special honeymooners are off to play some sweet, sweet Mario Kart before those magic moments.  Winky Face!

So dear audiences, if you find yourself having difficulty picking what theme you can have, there are plenty of options!  Feel free to send me a $5 tip if you decide to use any of my ideas.

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