Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Artists Unnoticed

There are so many artists out there in the world today. We've got Picasso, Beehtoven, Mozart, the Blue Man Group, and some even consider Rage Against the Machine. But amougst the throng of these artists who are always seeking to have their name go down in history, there are yet a community or two of artists that are simply ignored! What is going on?!

People, open your eyes! There are people around us begging for our attention, begging us to let them share their art, their souls. So in effort to help you understand that there are a lot more artists out there than what you have on your set playlists on your iPods, allow me to reveal to you some of the greatest classes of artist of our time. Here are some truly underappreciated members of today's artistic society.

First off we have the beatnik. He may seem a little rough on the outisde but he has a heart of pure gold. Sure some beatniks shower less than others, and they can only be found from the hours of midnight to 4 am, but man are they a pack full of talent! Here are some basic talents: playing running basslines, slamming poetry and having all the ins with the cool people. Tell you what, slamming poetry is where it's at. A couple of cool lines, a bass slam, silence, wow! Runs chills down my spine everytime I think about it. There's nothing better to do at three in the morning than go down to the local coffee shop, sit in a nice haze with soft lighting and let jazz and poetry soothe your soul. Except maybe being in bed. But all in all, if Mozart and a beatnik got in a musical fist fight of coolness, beatnik would win hands down. I simply don't see why these guys aren't more popular.

Next we have the tap dancer. Yes, this ageless fashion of dance really has faded for the last few hundred years unfortunently. People simply cultivate other "talents" that they deem more valuable. How ridiculous! Due to the lack of support to these dancers, they were on the verge of extinction just a decade or so ago. Watch out ladies! It's coming back, so keep your eye on this one. How can you not? What is more rapturing than watching the fury of a tap dancer click his shoes on white marble? Hot stuff! I think we may actually witness the rising of another Bill "Bojangles" Robinson! Again I say, keep your eye on this one!

Last but not least, we have jazz vocalists, namely ones who are proficient in "skat". For those of you who really are uncultured "skat" is a form of vocalization where you just sing, and use what ever consonants and sounds fit the noise you want to make. While jumbled nonsense to the unrefined ear, it paints a beautiful canvas of emotion and passion! Let me tell you, the last concert I went to they brought out a guy who could skat for the closing piece, and the music was absoluetly ecstatic! Women cheered! Grown men cried! Children clicked heels! Nuff said.

Now you can see that is it more than obvious that these wonderful people are being blatantly ignored. Why not give them a shot? In the end, maybe YOU could be the next rising star of tap dancing, beatniking, or skatting!

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