Friday, November 19, 2010

The New and Exciting Sport of Cup Stacking

For ages men and women across all lands have been engaged in terrible brutish sport. We have terrible games such as football, where to win you may either kill your opponents or carry a dried corpse to one extremity of the field. There are also other mind-numbing sports such as: Soccer, Chess, Curling, Trampoline, Boxing, as well as other sports that have thoroughly embarrassed humanity for 1000's of years. It is about time that we have a gentleman's sport: Sport Stacking.

Sport Staking is the latest craze that is sweeping the nation. What other sport combines such dexterity, such dignity, and such poise? People line up for these sporters, they pay through the nose to watch these stackers go crazy with a common pair (but also WSSA approved) of these mesmorizing plastic cups, and when the competition is done, what fond memories have been created! Not only is there great satisfaction for the spectator, but also for the athlete. There is no real competitor, but the self. The only goal for this great sport is to do what you do best, faster and more efficiently.

Now we are truly blessed to be caught only in the beginning phases of this movement. This sport has only really caught on the last 5-10 years, so we can most assuredly expect to see greater things out of the next generation of Sport Stackers. With all of this nonesense in the world, what with war and death, I tell you there are few greater comforts than seeing a commercial on TV for cup Stackers for the kids! It's hip! Not only that, but we are helping in raising the next generation of champions.

I understand that reading this article may have excited even you to try out this new and fashionable hobby. But you don't know how to start? Let me give you the basics. Here what we stackers call the "3-6-3".

You see, it's rather simple. You take the stacked cups, and quickly assemble them in simple triangles from left to right, them unassemble them in the same fashion. There are quite a few different styles, but I believe that this will most definately get you on the right footing.

Here are some very helpful pointers for you champion hopefuls:

1. Use both hands

2. Hold the cups correctly: hold the cups gently with the tips of the fingers. The palms and base of fingers should not come into contact with the cups. Hold the cups on the side, not around the top.

3. Don't slam the cups when downstacking; let gravity do the work for you

4. Start slow! Every champion had to start at one time

5. Make sure to include warm-up drills before serious practicing and taking time

Well the best of luck to you who surge forward in this great cause. Let me also suggest for those who do not want to take this quite so seriously, it also makes for a fun date night, drinking games, winning bets, and all around impressings women. Happy Stacking!

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