Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peculiar Propeganda

We all know what it is. Propaganda is what government uses to brainwash its people. But it comes in many different forms, like television, news even to really unnoticed things as well. What are they exactly? Well well, looks like I have a topic for an article to write.

Let's start of with Tetris. "But I thought it was just a game made by Nintendo!" Guess again, fools! It was developed in 1985 by the great Alexey Pajitnov while working at the Academy of Science of the USSR in Moscow. While most enjoyable, Tetris was a very subtle, and very influential piece of propaganda that seeked to unify the Russian people. Fortunently, this game was leaked into Hungary, then Great Britian. "Leaked" or sounds more like to me recovered by the British Secret Service! Here's my theory. Seeing the USSR was again surging in popularity due to development of certain cultral aspects, a team of agents such as 007 was sent in to break up the plot of the Red Communist states. When in the Academy of USSR, these agents deftly stole the programming and successfully recreated this blockbluster game. Russia, in nowise happy with this, sought to counter their espionage through means of lawsuits, and while the legal rights were being disputed the American secret service decided to get in the action. They again stole the copy from Britians for their own good and the game's popularity was explosive. Claiming the credit to their own, Nintendo after getting into a pact with the US government tarnished the name of Russia, causing the eventual downfall of the USSR in 1991. And that's really how it happened, I theorize.

Now I know we all enjoy a good game of table tennis. Although it's beginnings in English were purely innocent back in the 1880's, table tennis has been a slippery slope of government entaglement. It's popularity spread everywhere, but especially into the clutches of yet again another communistic government. China has had us beat in ping pong for about a hundred years, hands down. Can you not see the terribleness of this ploy? "Oh, China? Communist government, but they ARE good ping pong players." Beware, I believe some of us are becoming too comfortable with communism just because we realize that there are talented individuals within their government. Consipracy! They actually probably take some children and while in their innocent youth taint their lives with 10-12 hours a day of practicing ping pong. And it's working! Stop the nonsense! I believe there are only two options to solve this problem: one, burn all ping pong tables in the US or, the easier one, if any of you guys out there are really good at ping pong, let us know! It's about time we challenge the reign of the Chinese ping pong champions!

So guess where this one had it's beginnings. Righto, the marines. The slinky was developed by Richard James, a US marine engineer. He dropped a torsion spring on the ground and watched it roll around on the ground. Upon arriving home, he told his wife he had an idea for a toy. When the idea was taken to the government, surprise surprise, he got a grant immediately. Now this wartime tool has been a common plaything for children for all ages. This toy is BENT on brainwashing our youth to serve in the milirary.

So there you have it. I'm sure that there are many more ways for the government to corrupt our minds. Stay attentive! You never know where the next device will be employed.

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