Monday, November 29, 2010

Curious Video Games

So I have a rousing question for all of my readers out there. Have any of you played Mario or some other video games and wondered "How in the world have they come up with the idea for this game?" Well I have the same question. I will hereby attempt to answer this question. But first let's take a look at some of the most unique games out there in the video game universe.

First of course we will take a look at the Super Mario Brothers.
Now this game is really curious in my opinion. Turtles that can fly? Blocks when jumped on money comes out? Eating mushrooms that make you grow? Flowers that make you shoot fire? Feathers that turn you into a flying racoon? What is going on here?! You are playing Super Mario Brothers, that's what! Now where in the world did this game get it's footing? My only guess is someone who was maybe high at the meeting for a video game design. And the rest of the group? Probably high as well, or eating rotissary chicken. But hey, that one crazy concept meeting gave us one of the greatest things to ever hit civilization: a crazy video game that makes little sense but is really fun to play. Anyone who wants to argue is a fool. Evidence is clearly obvious, there have been many many spin offs of the original Mario game, as well he is now the icon of America.

THE VERDICT: someone high on mushrooms thought up the idea for this game.

We also have today the Turok series.

This game is really weird. You are some sort of dinosaur hunter with crazy guns. Your opponents are naturally dinosaurs with bionic parts and machine guns. Some of the bosses you have to fight are a giant eyeball, a 30-foot spider alien, but that's not the craziest part even. There's one boss who regenrates himself in really random ways. First when you cut his hands off, he decides to grow octopus tentacles instead, then when you chop those off out come spider legs plus wings. I think this idea might have been thought up by some sort of schizophrenic Jurassic Park enthusiast. Killing dinosaurs is pretty cool, but bionic dinosaurs with plasma cannons? Sounds a little crazy to me.

THE VERDICT: a schizophrenic Jurassic Park enthusiast.

Last but not least we have Kirby.

This is a really curious piece of workmanship. What is Kirby? Well, the best scholars can figure out is that he is some sort of pink marshmallow vacuum with light purple feet. He has the ability to float in the air, swallow enemies and steal their powers. Where did this come from? My best guess is some head hunter mythology. Cannabalism, flying around, a protagonist, all your basic barbaric mythology all wrapped into one character. But it is really fun, hence he has been in three generations of Super Smash Brothers.

THE VERDICT: a head-hunter mythological tale passed from generation to generation, orally.

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