Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hot Fashion Items

Attention readers!  This is your one chance to get the upper-edge on those preppy friends you have who always seem to wear those popular clothes before they come in style.  That's right ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about trendsetters, and this is your chance to be one now!  Lucky you!  Aren't you glad you've been following what I have to say?

Item Number One: Turtlenecks

These bad boys have been out for a while.  Just as the surfer waits for that killer wave, you just know the timing and tempo in between those waves.  Right now, turtlenecks are going to be hot hot hot!  You buy them right now before they can't be found in any store!  These wonderful articles of clothing grace around your neck highlighting the natural and intricate beauty of the Adam's Apple.  That bulge will no longer go unnoticed at parties and dances!  Attract those eyes where you want them to be drawn.

Item Number Two: Cardigans

Nothing warms the soul more than a sharply dressed youngster in a quaint cardigan.  It just yells, "I'm young!  I've got a mahogany book cabinet and fireplace in my future house!  I will be something great someday!"  Now, if you think that this article of clothing doesn't impress, think again!

Item Number Three: Handkerchiefs

People don't really like watching others blow their nose into these.  I'm not talking about those, but the fancy things you stick in your pockets with your suits (that you naturally wear everywhere you go).

Item Number Four: Ascots

How to fold your new ascot 
Fred from Scooby Doo sure knew what was up.  Mega sweet sweaters, awesome dress pants, and to  accentuate that delicious outfit he would don a bright blue ascot!  I remember looking as a kid around the room when Fred came on TV.  Every lady's jaw was dropped.  Gents, if we strive to find that special someone, remember to strap that good thing around your neck and get stylin'! 

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