Friday, December 31, 2010

DisneyLand - The Myth

I don't believe in DisneyLand.  How can I believe in something that I can't see or touch!  In the mystery state of "Florida" or "California" there are supposed cartoon characters who dance around and wild carts that fly up a mile in the air and shoot back down to the earth all in safety!  Nonsense!

Now you may say, "Well we have pictures."  Ever hear of Photoshop?

"I've been to DisneyLand myself!"  You're nuts.  You are probably not psychologically healthy.

"I have a keychain right here to prove it!"  That's from Satan!

Don't pull my leg good sir.  Give me scientific evidence right here, right now, else I will forever deny the existence of this supposed DisneyLand.  There simply is not a place that can exist where youth never dies and there is no unhappiness.

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