Friday, December 17, 2010

The Magical World of Reniassance Fairs

Today is the day you think to yourself as you leap out of bed. You dive into your wardrobe and dig past the boring collection of everyday clothes that you have and grab your chainmail and gauntlets. It's the Renaissance Fair! The Renaissance Fair! Grab your bucklers and drowry and head over to the local Basilica! Don't forget to don your closed-hemlet and your travel sized lute! I tell you what, these things really are a ball. All of the excitement of a themepark without the fandangled roller coasters that have accidents all the time. Want to throw tomahawks at haystacks? Don't go to Disney World! Want to drink a gallon of beer then practice your spiked-mace skills? Can't do that at Six Flags!

One of the moments that the youngest child to the oldest Knight Hospitaleer look forward to is the Joust! The Joust! What more can someone ask for? These brave jousters lunge at each other with and before you know it the cuppers are whizzing past from one another and off flies a knight from his horse! Fursiously, the knight who fell pulls out a gun and starts shooting at the other knight while he himself pulls out a semiautomatic rifle! Gun fight! Nothing more exciting than a gun fight.

Up next we have the sword fight. People clammor around these fighters of fury as they chop of limbs and heads! Blood is spewn all over the dirt and members of the crowd are even being masssacred! Fun stuff! There is no where else in the world you can buy a turkey leg while getting to watch people getting slaughtered, live! Maybe except in Wisconsin. Man, that $300 for admittance sure payed off.

Some of these events are even held in different themes! There are "pirate ninja" themes," "Late Renaissance," and many more! Take a pick of any that you like. All will guarantee the finest quality of entertainment for you, your local cottagers as well as the unfavorable duke who still practices jus primae noctis!

And thus let me say: by my troth, I am off!

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