Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going to be Homeless Soon?

It's that exciting time in everybody's life.  When you are considering being homeless, you can know that you have stuck it to the Man to the max!  No paying your bills!  No more going to work!  You've played Guitar Hero so many times you can play all the expert songs blindfolded and with your feet.  This is the nirvana of "sticking it to the Man"; the next huge stage in life that can only be achieved once you have mastered all areas of nonconformisism.  So, pack your bags, grab some garbage sacks, and off go are in search of greater enlightenment in rebellion to authority!

So off you march from your past life of luxury and cushion into the world filled with pain and discomfort in search to bring your body to submission and letting your soul free!  Slam that door and never look back.  Embrace that frost bite, or those ketchup packets that you're about to snack on for dinner.  Who knows what kinds of adventures await you as you become acquainted with each new dark alley and other enlightened Transients?  If you ever do find yourself a more spiritually enlightening area, an important thing to remember is to find a nice shelter of sorts.  Cardboard boxes from higher end stores (such as Sharper Image) prove to be superior by scientists.  Apple crates are also excellent sources of shelter from the rain and sun.

As you become a little more experienced in your becoming one with nature, you will find that nature will support you.  As the birds in the air don't worry about what they're going to eat the next day, the forces of nature will bring good-willed people who will support you in your search for the next step beyond "Sticking it to the Man."  While you may not be feasting on foodstuffs of kings, you will receive enough nickels and parts of food that will meet your needs.

There are two destinies of the Transient.

The first: they will collapse and fall back into the system.  Some pick up their backs and boxes, realize their folly of throwing away a good former life and back they go with a little more gratitude and refreshed view.  This destiny is very desirable and worthy - while it may seem that they simply give up on their goal, they rather see higher wisdom and have new knowledge that very few of us have.

The second: there are some legendary Transients that pass onto a third state of which none know.  Not even those who go there know what it is!  But some may notice that some Transients pass away, some just disappear out of nowhere.  Who knows where these mysterious spiritual beings have disappeared to?

Maybe time will tell.  Maybe not!

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