Friday, January 21, 2011

Power Naps

Sometimes we just feel too tired to care anymore.  Sometimes you just have to let that grilled cheese fry itself, or let that exam just pass on by.  You’ve never felt so tired!  You may be sick, narcoleptic, angry at life, a party animal, a politician, sleeping terribly, a possessor of a stiff bed, looking out for Zombies until sunrise, or maybe you just want to catch some sweet, sweet Z’s.  Sweet biscuits and gravy!  There’s nothing like the feeling of having a soft leather couch wrap you in its sensational embrace and lull you to sleep.

There are all sorts of ten-minute power naps.

The Guilty Nap – you know you should be in class right now, but you are instead passed out on the library couch.  So nice.

The Party Nap – you know you’re in for a wild Mario Kart tournament party later tonight, so you take that nap to recharge and get ready to go!

The Glutton’s Nap – those long naps you take after eating turkey sandwiches or other sleepy food things.

The Secret Nap – not supposed to take a nap?  Close the door to your office and crawl under the desk!  Run into the closet!  Lock the bathroom door!

The Nudist Nap – only reserved for the boldest of us

The Cat Nap – duh.

The Sick Nap – a one-way escape hatch from a world of runny noses and stuffed throats.

“What the crap!” Nap – When you wake up four or five hours later after hitting the couch for a few minutes of shut-eye.  These never happen when expected.  They are sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!

And yes, I was very tired when I wrote this.  I think I'm just about in the mood for a secret nap right about now.

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