Friday, January 28, 2011

The Intimate Lobster-Man Connection

Lobsters have a way with people.  They are rarely seen by human eyes in their natural habitat, galloping valiantly across the plains of the deep in search for romance.  Mostly people see their beautiful crimson shelled creatures boxed in sea-food restaurants.  They longingly gaze through their frosted jail-cage in hopes that the next passer-by won't be the one that selects them off the menu for a dinner devouring.

Needless to say Lobsters have an innate and developed capability to truly connect with someone's soul by gazing past their outward looks.  They stare, and you stare back, wondering for a split second if he is really trying to send you a telepathic message.  These are very special moments people, special indeed and we can't let them pass us by.  In the words of Eminem, "You gunna let it slip?"

This special Lobster-to-man soul connection is the true test of character.  Oftentimes we find crude, crude people who truly are looking out for only number one.  They will have the door opened to the Lobster-to-man moment and brush it aside remembering that he has slaved pushing papers to earn his $15.00 lobster dinner.  He needs this - he earned it.  He doesn't care who he has to step on, who he has to fry and dip in butter to reach the top.

If you are on a date with such a fellow, you better turn on your heels and sprint the other way - lest he fries you and butters YOU if you prove to be and obstacle to his success!

Then on the other hand, you have the true man - one who knows the feelings of his heart and searches for inspiration outside of his own sphere.  The lobster scurries to the glass - stares and the man stares back - that magic moment has sparked his heart!  This poor man will go to the menu and scratch off all the lobster entries he can find!  After his meal, this man will leave a very generous tip to the waitress, grab a crowbar, smash that lobsterish concentration camp and liberate their dear souls!

You see, there are more to the lobsters than meet the eye.  These majestic beings may possess little by way of man power or financial say, but they are truly tests of true character.  When you see those lobsters gazing hopelessly like an orphan tied to railroad tracks - let the good side of you free both your inner-man and the lobster.

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