Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Robots - Part Three

There are real robots in the world friends.  The robots already have gotten a start on us, but we should react before they get the upper hand!  I want you to keep a copy of this article on your person at all times in the event you see one of these dastardly robots.  Watch out!

#1 - Micro Flying Robot

This robot is the smallest ever flying robot prototype.  It has a rotating camera that allows it to track what victims it will want to shoot with lasers and missiles.  The fool who invented this robot was no doubt bent on destroying young children and helpless elderly that can't jump into ditches and run away speedily from these flying terrors!

#2 - TOPIO: TOSY Ping Pong Playing Robot

The Japanese at the Tokyo International Robot Fair unveiled this Satan-inspired machine which will no doubt be the cause of much weeping.  No more will a human ever stand a chance of winning another ping pong medal!  No more will people dare to come within a 6 mile radius if this machine ever gets his rusty claws on a ping pong ball.  This is an instrument of death!

#3 - Actriod

This robot is an Android and it is creepy, creepy, creepy!  We've always had at least some one up on the robots - we can identify them from a mile away.  Nobody is going to mistake a spiky piece of machinery shooting corpses as anything but a robot.  Now these are made to blend in with the rest of us, and it will not a pretty site when you think you're tipping the doughnut man when he pulls out a mechanical arm and chips your teeth with it!


Readers, again - watch out for these things.  These are dangerous!

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