Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Importance of Birthday

A lovely spiritual lesson is one we all can find in the Book of Genesis. Our dear friend Joseph was locked in a cold dungeon and interpreted some dreams for dudes. One dude eventually worked his way up the ranks to being a buddy of the Pharoman. Well guess what. pharoman also had a funny dream in need of interpretation. He didn't know who to ask because none of his magician friends could tell him what it meant. Nuts!

Pharoman had a birthday and was all like, "Les birthday party hard my royal crew!" later that night there was a thumpin party at the Pharoman's crib. And tell me this isn't a coincidence, the jail bro who had his dream interpreted by Joseph was Pharoman's right hand party man. Jail bro told Pharoman about Joseph and hooked him up with dream telling skills.

Joseph came, saved Egypt. Mega sweet.

So what do we learn from this experience? Birthdays are very important and mist be celebrated. So good ALWAYS comes from birth celebration.

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  1. It was here I realized that your birthday was this month and I started to feel like a flake. See my facebook post. Love reading your creative posts. :D