Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Robots - Part Two

Robots have always been a scary subject.  Whoever disagrees is a fool!  Tell me that you don't feel a stroke of fear when a 30-foot robot rips away the living room wall and points a huge laser gun in your face.  Tell me that you don't find it frightening to know that robots are invading the working force.

Right now Japan uses about 320 robots of all sorts per 10,000 employees, while Germany uses 148 industrial robots per 10,000 robots, Italy 116, Sweden 99 and between 50 and 80 each in the United States, Finland, France, Spain, Austria, Denmark and Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
In the car industry, there is one robot per 10 workers in Japan, Italy and Germany, it says.
Among the service robots, "medical robots, underwater robots, surveillance robots, demolition robots and many other types of robots for carrying out a multitude of tasks are doing very well," the report says.
So ahead and read the tear-jerking news report at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/10/041021085857.htm.

First the workplace, next your homes and your bedrooms!  These robots will stop at nothing to reach to the top.  There is one thing that the robots right now that is working very strongly in our favor: FEAR.  We need to realize what a horrible force these robots.  We need to be so afraid and fearful that anything might happen with them that we would be willing to start a revolt and even give up our own lives if necessary for the cause of eradicating this cancer from planet earth!

C-3PO e R2-D2The robots and their allies understand this perfectly.  They are working night and day to tear down this fear-wall that separates robots from reality.  Let's think about just one example in all the movies that are pro-robots.  C-3PO is a wolf in sheep's clothing!  He may be cute and charming in real life, but mind you that's only because Anthony Daniels a human has been tricked into that movie role.  Robots know no etiquette.  Robots know no love.  His shiny outer-covering is only skin-deep beauty as we see right through the robots demise - they want to make us think that robots are our friends.  You try playing patty cake with your neighbor's robot vacuum and see how playful it is then.

So before you thoughtlessly purchase your child those Lego Robotics, stop and take a deep breath.  You are about to take another step toward human domination.  Don't let them tear down that barrier.  Tell horror stories about robot Nazis to your grandkids!  Or the robots who live in their closet!  Or the androids or cyborgs that kidnapped grandpa after he got sick and went to the hospital.  Our younger generation needs to know that

We will not tolerate robots!

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